Social Anxiety Disorder

Hey Friends, Fans & Listeners!

I get so many requests about me performing live to an audience. Too be honest altough i respect and love my fans i never was much of a people’s fan which makes it very difficult for me to go out on a stage. Since i also suffer social anxiety disorder i feel very uncomfortable and numb to even go out to the supermarket. To get a glimpse of me in broad daylight happens only on rare occasions. I guess we all have our own demons to fight off!┬áNevertheless i’ll keep feeding you with my music art via social media, the worldwide web and other trustworthy sources. Since you guys have no chance to see me live soon, me and my team have planned a live perfomance via the internet next year which hopefully gives you a good impression of me and my music art! I’ll keep you posted on that one for sure! As always, thanks for reading! Yours, Truly